Frozen = bratz on ice

"The female characters don’t even look like the same species as the male ones"
-mayim bialik




I like how sweden just decided one day that gender is fucking bullshit so they got a gender neutral pronoun and stopped separating boy clothes and girl clothes and have pictures of spiderman pushing a baby stroller in a toy magazine why isn’t every country like sweden

you push that stroller sassy spiderman!


you fight those bad guys girlfriend!


you style that hair lil’ dude!


and in that moment, i swear we all wanted to be swedish.

Posting things and face plaming


Let’s eat Grandma! How to use, and not use the comma
Tips from our style king, David Marsh »


Let’s eat Grandma! How to use, and not use the comma

Tips from our style king, David Marsh »


Albinism & Melanism

bojack awesman.

I love the new show bojack horseman, but
but its an excellent show with amazing music.

The benefits of being bitchy to prevent being bitchier.


Have You Seen Your Cat?


Have You Seen Your Cat?

Sunshine all the time makes a desert

Arab proverb (via maghfirat)

These simple words are so profound & thought provoking.

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the problem with anti date rape nail polish

The problem with date rape detecting nail polish is that there is now an industry being created off of rape. No one should be able to make a profit off rape or the prevent of rape.
Now, are rape victims going to blamed for not being prepared enough, for not wearing antirape underware and nail polish every where? And doesn’t this just create a class divide, with only the people who can afford antirape wear being safe? No one should ever be raped, no one deserves to be raped and not a single person ever deserves to rape another person.
Anyone can be raped, male female or in between. We all deserve to be safe. Demanding that people purchase their own safety instead of expecting fair treatment from others is DISGUSTING.
You cannot fight ignorance, you can only teach it.
The point is that we should teach people NOT TO RAPE, not to just buy a product and hope for the best. And not to be forced to stay inside a box if they cannot afford antirape products.

If race is a white supremist concept, then by default isn’t validating race also validating white supremacy?
We need to destroy the concept of race. Not the concept of rights.

four more Five Nights At Freddy’s theories

Proper programming
If the animatronics contained some form of ai specially programmed to be able to learn it is possible that they may have been taught to put people in suits.
If the robots no longer have to be programmed and can learn to act based off of what they observe ( which has been proven based on how Freddy adapts to the players strategy as the game progresses) then perhaps the animatronics happened to witness a murder in their restaurant. A murder committed by what appeared to be another animatronic suit. And if the animatronics were smart enough to learn how to dress each other they would be smart enough to learn this behavior, perhaps smart enough to have committed the second group of child murders after the murder of the first two children. So the machines witnessed a murder, but their programming must tell them that if a suit is on, then the wearer of the suit is following the rules, and so should they, the animatronics. Simply attempting to follow the rules of their programing the animatronics begin to stuff people into suits on their on, thinking that this apparently the new normal thing to do now. But altought the animatronics know how to change themselves, they do not know how to clean themselves. This is evident by all the extra heads and body peices in the back room. The animatronics don’t clean themselves they just put on a new face. But after a while all the heads are filled up and starting to get gross. Which is when the parents start to notice. This causes less and less children and patrons in the restaurant which gives the animatronics less and less opportunity to perform what they think is back room maintained on children. A child or any human may have now had the opportunity with so few people in the establishment to be all alone in pirates cove which to foxy may have felt like the perfect setting for back room maintaince. So foxy may have started to take off his head like bonnie and Freddy do, and the person would probably have attempted to run at that point which could have caused foxy snap out a bite the person to try and keep hold of them, however the resulting commotion would have attracted people, which would have prevented foxy from completing back room maintaince because that is something only done in private in the dark which may have felt like night time. Pirates cove may have already in fact been closed and a child snuck through the curtains possibley even by sneaking in a night, which would have provided almost complete darkness where foxy could perform nighttime backroom maintaince that to him and all the animatronics is perfectly normal. Phone guy seems to know this which is why he is almost blissly unpanicked talking about all of this, and also why he is so calm in the face of death. He knows there is nothing he can do. These machines are now permanently programmed to register darkness as the queu for costumes, and to them anyone out of costume will face punishment. So in a way they think they are helping you because something bad will happen to you if you don’t follow the rules. Perhaps golden Freddy was decommissioned for being out of costume and so he was removed and his endoskeleton was either destroyed or thrown away or stolen. So, to the animatronics, golden Freddy is dead, and they don’t want that to happen to any one else and the only way they can surely see to this is to try to put everyone in a costume that they encounter at night or in darkness. This could lead to an interesting sequel involving them leaving the restaurant and wandering off into towns stuffing people into what they think is a suit which could be anything all while learning new behaviors along the way.

"These characters will forever hold the hearts of children in a special place"
The suits contain the living dead of the murdered children and overtime they get hungry and start to consume people namely heads looking for brains. This is what caused the bite of 87 and ultimately lead to the shut down of the establishment. The game gets harder as the week goes on because they get hungrier. 87 is the year when the establishment closed down and the machines been hungry ever since. They might not even be zombies, just horribley mutilated and crippled teenagers by now.

Where is golden Freddie’s endoskeleton
Perhaps the animatronics are searching for the long lost endoskeleton of golden Freddy. Which may have originally been a human in a costume before the animatronics. Which is why they keep looking for a body that will fit. But because the costume has been filled with wires to connect with the ports of an endoskeleton, there is no longer any room for a human. So even though all the animatronics are trying to do is bring golden Freddy back to life it is no impossible for the interiors of the suits to house a living human.

Extra dark espresso theory (mc17)
The murderer, who was mostly likely another guard, intentionally put children in the suits because he wanted to rape them. They would be big enough to be trapped but small enough not to die inside the suits. And what better way to hide missing children than in plain sight in a loud noisy restaurant. Then after the children were safely locked up in the suits that would keep functioning daily regardless of the children inside, he raped the children at night through the suits while wearing a Freddy suit. This happens over and over which explains the new occurances of blood and mucus coming from the animatronics. the children have become insane after this extent of torture and eventually start to fight the animatronics programming and attempt to control the suits at will. This is difficult during the day but easier at night when the suits are in free mode. The bite of 87 could have been purely the accident of an abused child trying to escape an animatronic prison by learning to operate it from the inside. By now the children no longer remember anything but hatred and fear towards their captour, whom to them is Freddy. They do not know who wore the suit, so they seek to stuff people into a Freddy suit and then kill the stuffed suit so that by their logic they have killed Freddy, their captor. But golden Freddy never dies he comes back to life with every new body shoved into him and dies again each time he is closed shut. Because he can keep coming back to life in the eyes of the abused children they believe they must keep killing him over and over as vengeance for his torture on them. The children in the suits are searching for closure. That’s why they keep trying put a heart in Freddy, so that they can kill him.

five nights at freddys theories

You are the man who murdered the kids long ago and you are back now at night when it is safe and acceptable for a murdering pedophile to hold such a position however low paying. After all, who would be desperate enough or desititue enough to need such a job. This is also why the empty golden Freddy suit appears before you in your office, awaiting your entrance. You are unable to move because as the murderer you are especially terrified. These creatures are out for vengeance. On you. They learned their technique from by you and now they cannot wait to stuff you back inside the suit you killed them in. They have been saving it for you. That is why the suit appears before you are attacked and the last thing you see is the still face of gold freddy, theoretically before it is crushed over your head.

You are the frontal lobe victim, possibley confined to a wheel chair or other restraining device which would explain why you cannot move at least not swiftly. You are unable to hold another position so this was the only thing you could afford. You are unable to do much except observe which may actually put you at an advantage. Perhaps other guards before you were scarred and made a run for it and were stuffed inside a suit, but instead of being reported as murder the owners just assumed the person walked off on the job so they were never able to report the problem.

This may have been intentional perhaps the owner is golden Freddy and he simply enjoys this or perhaps the owners really are unaware of exactly where their employees keep going.

Order of events

Since it is unclear what happened first, the bite of 87 or the murder of 5 children, we are unsure exactly when the robots become deadly.

If the bite were to happen first, perhaps the bite of 87 was a malfunction that caused the robots to become blood thirsty, and a man, knowing the nature of the robots to stuff non costumed figures inside themselves, tried to satiatie their hunger with a sacrifice of children, which instead of solving the problem only made it worse, fed the fire so to speak.

If the man murdered the children first and stuffed the corpses inside the animals to avoid detection, it makes more plausible sense for the robots to be possesed by angry spirits. Which may have been what caused one mascot later on to attack another child out of demonic anger.

Or perhaps the children, like the frontal lobe victim, survived as well, however with horrible brain damage and mutilation. The children cannot leave the suits with dying and the owners upon realizing this decide to leave the electricity on, possibley out of guilt, to allow the rotting wounded bodies to continue life as the newly mobile mascots of the restaurants, imprisoned inside both the animatronic shell and the shell of their bodies. The children grow, stunted inside the suits and become resentful of the lives they see around them. However they still have the minds of children frozen in time and are still obedient of mother as speculated by the rule to stay close to mom. Perhaps the problem is that the place keeps hiring male security guards and the children have perhaps developed a fear of men and possibley are only violent towards men.

It is important to note that Freddy’s laughter which almost sounds like crying laughter is actually the slowed down voice of a little girl.

Another theory
The animatronic robots are special prototypes that run off bio fuel. Originally they used plant matter, (as speculated by some of the demoic voice interpretations that mention “creations are a sucusess ” and “plants”) then possible fecal matter,( as speculated by the warning to not poop on the floor which might anger or entice the robots) then they turned to consuming live matter( as evident by the game over screen with eyeballs and remembered teeth seen from inside a Freddy suit).

Polybius theory
There is speculation the a game called polybius was out inarcades decades ago and was used by government agents to collect data of some kind.
It is also speculated that this game caused death and seizures.
Perhaps fnaf is attemtping to creating a situation where these new prototype creations are unveiled and wreck similar havoc, literally collecting children.

This is not just about race. These are humans. These are citizens. These are people. What the police are doing is a crime against humanity and they and their commanders should be charged on those grounds.

Dear moms with iPhones: you are NOT doing fine.

I recently read an article defending parents on cell phones whilst with their kids. The main point of that article was that it is OK to miss some of the smaller moments in your child’s life while being on your phone.

I disagree.

Every moment in your childs life is special and you will never get it back. Dont waste it. In thirty years what will you remember more, your childs first expirence chasing a praying mantis or that paper thing you saw on istagram.

I also do not agree that every child will always be 100% safe during every second of a cell phone parents inattention. Things happen. As parent it is your professional job to watch those kids and keep them safe. Would you want a teacher on the phone in the middle of class, or a babysitter on the phone at a crowded beach? Most parents would say no. But most parents, it turns out, are hypocrites.

By teaching kids at an early at that they are not worth our attention, they learn their first feelings of invalidation and dehumanization. Do you as a parent really want to be the first person to invalidate your child and make them feel like less of a person? Do you really want to teach your child that the phone is more important than a person?

This passive aggressive parental behaviour creates kids who are hungry for attention and now know that they only way they can get a parent to pay them any attention is if they make the parent put the phone away by doing something dangerous that will require both the parents eyes and hands.

Do your self and your kids a favor. Put the phones away. Save them for later. What ever it is, show your children they are your first priority, not your phone. Children learn by example. Be a good one. Or expect to have an angry, sad, lonely child. Or a child that will ignore you as much as you ignore them.

Remember someday that child may have a phone, and they might use it to ignore you. Then some parents feel they have to take the phone and create a whole other argument over personal space that could have been completely avoided with better earlier parenting.

Having a cell phone out is unprofessional and antisocial. Don’t pass your bad habit on to your kids.
Do give them your full attention.

Good luck.